Why Should You Choose To Work With Your Partner?

Why Should You Choose To Work With Your Partner?

Today there is a wave of consumerism, egocentrism and financial fulfilment which makes people tend to want to isolate their accomplishments in order to gain all the credits themselves. 

I did this, I did that…” 

In reality, a lot of people find themselves frustrated and even depressed of not having managed to accomplish anything spectacular. What if I tell you that one of the secrets is simply to share your passions with your partner? 

If you are lucky to have a partner who works within the same field as you and who can complement your professional career you already have the foundation for a joint project. 

Here are your reasons to start a business together: 

  • Commitment: Love is a choice and not only a feeling. When we decide to be with someone, we make a choice of loving him/her in all weathers regardless if it’s sun, wind or snow. Unfortunately, relationships today tend to be shorter and we break up as soon as there is a small problem. 
    • If you make the commitment to work together, you show that you are ready to invest your creative and productive ideas for a common goal – something which is essentially the same as sustaining a healthy relationship. As mentioned above, love is a choice, and by choosing to work on a collaborative project you also choose that you will work hard on making it last. This type of commitment will already lead you towards new experiences and perspectives as a couple. The most important thing is that you have to prove to your girlfriend/boyfriend that you really want to invest yourself in the relationship long-term. 
  • Be open for self-reflection and distance yourself from selfishness: To improve your work is hard when you are alone as you may fall into a trend of self-assurance. In a couple you have the benefit of exchanging ideas, which will put you in a more reflective state of whether your ideas are really the best or if they need to be developed further. To be conscious that you don’t always have the right and best answers proves your humbleness and strengthens your relationship. Furthermore, to be humble while reasoning, allows you to advance, to correct mistakes and especially to increase the ways you look at things. Visually, you go from a 180 degree vision to a full circle of 360 degrees. 
  • To be two, doubles your chances of success while halving the work-load: This is an attractive title, but not completely true if it’s read literally. To work in a pair allows you to finish a task two times as fast, since you will be able to spend less time on difficult tasks – two minds will always have a quicker problem-solving capacity if joined together. In other words, you can advance by 200% instead of 100%. 

What better day to start considering your pre-commitment than on Valentines day? Perhaps you realise that the best gift you can give to each other is to start a project together and to have a common goal. Who knows… perhaps it will develop opportunities for you to work from a distance and have an office under the coconuts on Tahiti or under the mango trees on Bali! 

à vous de jouer ?



Charles is a 28 year old French artist.


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