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To Be An Artist is a 24/7 Job

Charles and I share the dream of being able to work as independent artists throughout our lives. We often hear people talking about artists as unable sustain themselves and the importance of having other work on the side. Of course one must always have a plan B, C and even E – but to be able to accomplish your plan A you must be willing to turn art into an essential part of your life. Art can be anything, but it will remain in the state of “nothing” until you manage to concretise and produce it. Never stop producing even during times when all you want is to lay down in bed and watch Netflix. The romanticisation of artists is true to the extent that it enables talented people to contribute to the world with what they are best suited for, and false to the extent that it does not mean that you can sleep in every morning and stay in your pyjamas all day. 

As I grew up with a self-employed mother, I saw her wake up, get dressed and prepare as if she would go to an office every day, even though she would spend the day at home making clothes. She used to tell me that discipline and to constantly produce is the key to successfully and sustainably be able to work with your passion. 

It is hard to make your life as an artist, but in today’s society it is just as hard to find a job within a majority of professions. The direction in which the world is heading results in the necessity for people to create their own jobs – the jobs of the future. Charles and I have started to create our jobs simply by writing this blog and working on our art everyday. In the end we hope to be able to contribute to society not only with the beauty of our artwork, but also with new perspectives and food for thought that will inspire people to collaborate when tackling the realities of today. 


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Elin is a 22 year-old Swedish girl who loves chocolate and to create art in various forms. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, which adds another dimension to her creations.

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