That “Wow” experience

That “Wow” experience

Le Kadre, or in proper french “le cadre”, is the frame in and out of which we will document our journey together. We are Charles and Elin, two independent artists that have had that “WOW” experience. That “WOW” of meeting the special someone who just fits into your frame and yet challenges you to constantly think outside of that frame and create new things.

Charles comes from a Fine Arts background at Beaux Arts de Paris and many years of working professionally as a photographer, while I am the “self-taught” aspiring artist with a bubbly smile that turned Charles’s world upside down. We believe that the cooperative artworks of creative and loving artists can produce magic. Your background does not really matter, but rather it is the end product that will show your hard work and dedication to your creations.

Today’s institutions limit young people’s creativity and we want to inspire more people to find that lost creativity that lies within us all. Stop “wishing” you were more creative and start to create. Creating art is not only hard work, but also a lifestyle. We spend everyday making embroideries, illustrations or photography in our 20m2 studio on a rooftop in central Paris, while constantly inspiring each other to try art that is outside of our comfort zone. I have taught Charles the power of needle and thread, while he is teaching me the skills of photography and drawing. As a living artist you must never stop striving for new knowledge that will enable you to expand your mediums of expression.

With this blog we do not only want to create a space where we can explore our own artistic expressions, but also invite other artists to share their love for arts and their journeys. We will produce articles, interviews, in-progress videos, “how-to” guides, finished artwork in different mediums, photography and everything you can think of that goes both in and outside of Le Cadre de l’art.




Elin is a 23 year-old Swedish girl who is passionate about creation in various forms. She spends her days best doing embroidery, illustration, writing or having long walks with Charles of course ;)


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  1. Pia @ The Pinayist

    19/03/2017 at 05:01

    You two are really inspiring! Keep creating more awesome content!

    • Charles

      19/03/2017 at 14:26

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Really appreciate it! We love what we do and have just started so count on much more content from us in the future haha! Much love to you, hope you get a wonderful week.

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