Threadpainting Gothenburg Sweden

Threadpainting Gothenburg Sweden


This is the perfect pattern for you who wish to expand your embroidery skills and explore threadpainting. Threadpainting designs have a high emphasis on colours and direction of stitches, which makes it a fun creative challenge.

The pattern fits in a hoop of 15cm (6″) diamater.


Do you love embroidery and dream to visit Scandinavia? You’re in the right place! As a Swedish embroidery artist, I had to create a design of my birth city: Gothenburg. This threadpainting of Gothenburg Sweden is a fun challenge for embroiderers who wish to expand their embroidery skills.

Threadpainting, as opposed to modern hand embroidery, is characterised by stitched surfaces. The split stitch or satin stitch techniques are ideal, which makes the process slightly more time consuming than our graphical embroidery designs. However, the pattern fits perfectly into a hoop of 15cm (6″) in diameter. Therefore, despite a lot of surfaces to cover, the smaller size of the design makes it very manageable.

Furthermore, threadpainting is unique for its focus on painting techniques. This means that a greater emphasis is put on colour choices and direction of stitches to capture depth in the design. For example, if you stitch vertical or horizontal satin stitches, you will create different illusions of the height of the building.

What is included with threadpainting Gothenburg Sweden?

As with all our embroidery patterns you will receive downloadable pdf with stitch and colour guides. As you can see on the second product image, the design is inspired from a beautiful pastel scenery. It’s a street located in an area called Änggården just south of the Gothenburg centre. It’s a lovely residential area that was set up in the 1920’s just next to the botanical garden.

Are you new to threadpainting and looking for more support?

We have designed an online masterclass specialised in the threadpainting techniques. The course walks you through the process from start to finish. Furthermore, it goes in depth on the understanding of how colours and stitch direction directly influences the final embroidery. Hence, with the course as a complement, you will be able to take on any threadpainting design that comes your way!

Work by other stitchers:

Embroidered Göteborg pattern by student of Charles and Elin


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