Summer Dream House 6″

Summer Dream House 6″

Summer Dream House 6″


This pattern fits perfect in a hoop of 15cm (6″) or larger. It’s an imaginative design with the aim to capture the best feelings of summer…. A bench to have your morning coffee in the sun surrounded by the most divine flowers. We also have a full process video on youtube to assist you in the process.


The Summer dream house pattern is everything you read in the title: A dream! The building in the background is inspired the architecture in south of France. The flowers on the other hand are imagined with a basic idea in mind: Never too much.

If you agree that there can never be too much flowers and greenery at home, then this is the perfect pattern for you! Embroider the house first and you will have full freedom to add the greenery with your own creative touch.

Along with the pattern you will have access to the recommended stitch techniques used. But we always encourage you to incorporate some of your own preferences into the design. For example, exchange a colour to your favourite one and you will immediately enjoy the pattern even more. Or perhaps add some greenery on the ground next to the bench as well. After all – never too much flowers!

Even though there is relatively much detail on this embroidery pattern, we strongly believe anyone can stitch it! Just be sure to take it one step at the time. Begin with the building and work your way across the plants, one flower at a time. It is easy to feel overwhelmed before you have even started. Don’t let that happen – just start it! You will soon find yourself as immersed in this summer dream house pattern as we did.

What is included in the Summer Dream House embroidery pattern?

Immediately upon purchase you will have access to the pattern with technique and colour guides, a general technique guide as well as a detailed process guide as downloadable pdfs. The detailed process serves as a complement to the full length process video to make you feel as confident in your stitching as possible.

If you ever have any questions throughout the process, you can always reach out to us with questions. You may also find some useful information over on our blog.

In case you feel inspired after this imaginative design to try and create your own, we have exactly what you need: An in depth online course that teaches you everything that goes into the creation of an embroidery pattern. Sounds perfect for you to follow up from this design? Then have a look at it here on Charles and Elin Academy.

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