Strasbourg Flower House Embroidery Pattern

Strasbourg Flower House Embroidery Pattern


This pattern fits perfect in a hoop of 15cm (6″) or larger. It is a great design for beginners of embroidery to practise a variety of embroidery stitches in a fun and modern way. To support the process, you can also have a look at the process video we created via Youtube.


The Strasbourg Flower House pattern is inspired by the wonderful architecture in Strasbourg, France. The combination of architectural structures and stitches for greenery, make this a very fun pattern! It is also ideal for you who are new to embroidery and who wish to practise different stitch techniques.

You will begin by embroidering the contours of the building with single stranded backstitches. Thereafter you can boost your creativity with the greenery. Included with the pattern you will have the recommended stitch techniques that we used for the trees and flowers. However, we highly urge you to feel free to experiment in this area. Especially if you are a beginner of embroidery.

There is no wrong way to embroider flowers and trees as there are an infinite ways that flowers can look like. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel fully comfortable to experiment with the technique, to just change the colour might be enough for an extra creative kick.

To facilitate the embroidery process, we have also put together a full process video of the pattern. Please watch it below. We recommend to have a look before you begin. But you can also watch and re-watch particular sections whenever you are uncertain of any part of the design.

What is included with the Strasbourg Flower House pattern?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern with recommended stitch techniques and colour codes as a downloadable pdf. Furthermore you will also have access to a general stitch guide, which shows step by step images and explanations of the different techniques. You can already now have an overview of the basic embroidery stitches that you will familiarise yourself with throughout the pattern (see more in this article).

In case you prefer visual guides, we also invite you to join our free video stitch library Going knots. There you can see all the basic techniques in silent close up videos for a clearer visual understanding. The video stitch library also includes a couple of free patterns – so perfect complement to any new embroidery artist!

If you ever have any questions throughout the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to assist you as soon as we can.


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