Stockholm embroidery design (hand embroidery)

Stockholm embroidery design (hand embroidery)

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Looking to add some Swedish influence to your embroidery wall? Then this Stockholm embroidery design that is inspired from the historic buildings in the old part of Stockholm, is for you! You can see the idyllic buildings on the second product image for reference. It’s fun threadpainting design that fits perfectly into a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop.


Stockholm embroidery design is inspired from the historic buildings in the old part of Stockholm. In the middle of the so called “Old Town” is an open square, where these red and yellow buildings stand. Most of the old buildings are the originals restored from the 12-1300. Most of the old houses have similar red, brown, orange, yellow tones, which gives the area a soft atmosphere.

The Old Town (Gamla Stan in Swedish), is where Stockholm first began in the middle ages. Apart from the great number of historical buildings and charming narrow streets, it’s also home of over 100 artworks spread out on streets, houses and parks. Hence, it’s understandable that the Old Town, is the largest culturally protected area of the nation.

Today, it’s still the home of the Royal Palace and the Parliament. Additionally it has the most restaurants, museums and shops per m^2 compared to the rest of the city. All in all, a must visit next time you plan a trip to Stockholm! If nothing else, you’ve got to snap a picture with your embroidered art work at the open square like Elin did for the second product picture.

What is included with the Stockholm embroidery design?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern as a downloadable pdf along with stitch and colour guides. Thus, you need to be able to open and read pdf files on your computer. We recommend to only print the page with the transferable design. This will not only save the ink in your printer, but also paper from the environment.

The embroidery is stitched with threadpainting techniques, which means that you will concentrate on stitches to fill surfaces. For this design, we’ve primarily used vertical split stitches to create the smooth walls. Additionally, to further capture the roughness of the walls, we’ve combines two single strands of different nuances of brown and burnt orange. By combining threads of different colours, you’re able to trick the eye to perceive a more living and structured design.

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  1. thank you very much. Now i have got the idea of your hand embroidery. It clear in my mind. It will look grade on the sewing.

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