South Manhattan, NYC

South Manhattan, NYC

South Manhattan, NYC


Unique South Manhattan pattern that fits perfectly in a 23cm (9″) diameter embroidery hoop. Stitch and colour guide included with your purchase.


This pattern is for all New York City lovers and is the perfect design for artistic exploration. It is inspired from Greenwich Village in South Manhattan. The pattern fits perfectly in a 23cm (9″) diameter hoop.

Choose your style: Modern needlework or threadpainting?

This design can be stitched as a modern hand embroidery artwork or in a more detailed threadpainting style. If you prefer the modern look, we recommend that you concentrate on the contours. Stitch all the lines with a single stranded black thread in the backstitch technique. To use one strand enhances the graphical and advanced look of the design without increasing the difficulty of the process. A win-win!

Do you long to practise a more slow-stitch approach? Then we urge you to fill in with colours. The colour codes and respective techniques are of course included in the pattern description. You will quickly notice that to simply shift the direction of your stitches, you will be able to achieve a more vivid image.

For example, embroider the wall on the upper part of the building with horizontal satin stitches. To create a contrast, stitch the lower part with vertical satin stitches instead. Add diagonal satin stitches on the windows and you have immediately created a more textural image by combining horizontal, vertical and diagonal stitches.

New to Threadpainting?

Perhaps you are new to threadpainting but would love to learn more about this style of embroidery? Then we recommend that you have a look at our Architectural threadpainting Masterclass first. After the course you will have all the skills and confidence to take on any threadpainting pattern!

Looking for materials to complete the pattern? Here is the link to our favourite material supplier Cloud Craft. They ship all over the world!

Work by other stitchers:

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