South Kensington Beginner Embroidery Pattern


This beginner embroidery pattern of South Kensington fits perfectly in a 23cm (9″) diameter hoop. If you wish for a smaller size, you can choose to shrink the page in your print-out settings. It’s a joyful pattern with the perfect blend of architectural lines and more vivid floral stitchery with French Knots.

Are you a beginner of modern hand embroidery? Or perhaps just new to the architectural embroidery style? Then this beginner friendly pattern is perfect for you! The design takes inspiration from the charming streets of South Kensington, London. Especially during spring and summer, when the magnificent florals cover many of the brick walls.

This particular building has a modern look, which lends itself ideal for beginners of neat single-stranded lines. However, with the added florals, the finished embroidery will still have a luxurious and advanced look. All the contours of the building are stitched with single stranded backstitches, whereas the florals with French knots.

We encourage you to choose the colour of your preference for the florals. A recommendation is to use a variated thread regardless of which colour as it contributes to a smooth and natural variation without the hassle of having to change threads constantly. Furthermore, you only need to purchase one skein of floss that will cover a wide range of nuances.


What is included in the South Kensington beginner pattern?

Upon purchase you will immediately receive access to the pattern, detailed stitch guide and general technique guide as downloadable pdf documents. Hence, you need to be able to read and download pdf files on your computer. For optimal environmental awareness, we encourage to only print out the page with the transferable design. However, this is of course up to your preference and ability to easily have access to the instructions.

If you wish for additional visual support, we invite you to join our free video resource centre on Charles and Elin Academy. There you will be able to watch silent close-up and slow-motion videos of the various techniques used in this pattern. In addition you will also be able to access two bonus patterns. As a beginner we know that it can sometimes be tricky to get a grasp of a technique by purely written text and photos. This is one of the reasons why we love the video format in our resource centre, as well as why we love to create and host online courses.

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