Small embroidery design project of Lady on the phone

Small embroidery design project of Lady on the phone


Small embroidery design that fits in a 10cm(4″) hoop or as an embroidered patch on your clothes. The modern silhouettes and heart nipples, makes it a controversial and fun stitching project that you want to work on!


Looking for a fun small embroidery design project?

Then this design of a lady on the phone is your answer! With a modern silhouette and controversial heart nipples, you will have a blast stitching it. Embroider the contours with a single stranded thread for finer lines. Furthermore, to reduce the number of strands will enable you to better stitch the details.

The trickiest part of this pattern is the curly cord for the telephone. The secret to embroider it is to shorten the stitch length. The shorter stitches you make, the smoother your curves. Thus, considering the tiny size of this pattern, that translates into very small stitches.

Lastly, the primary joy of the design are the nipple hearts. The strong red makes them pop out and creates a strong contrast to the black contours. Stitch them by using the straight stitch technique in a simply v shape (also with a single strand).

What is included and how can I use this small embroidery design project?

You will receive the pattern a as a downloadable pdf along with stitch and colour guide. The pattern fits perfectly into a 10cm(4″) small embroidery hoop. Alternatively, this design would also make a perfect patch for your clothes. You can transfer it to your tshirt, jeans, jacket and more. Use a magic paper, solvy paper or an iron-on pen to easier transfer the design onto your garment.

If you choose to embroider the design on a stretchy fabric, be aware to not pull the threads too heard as it may create bubbles in the fabric. If you’ve never embroider on your clothes before, but think this sounds like a fun idea, our online course on how to embroider your clothes will serve as the perfect compliment! To upcycle your clothes with modern hand embroidery, will give you a unique look.

You can use any of our small embroidery designs and turn them into patterns for embroidery on clothes. Have a look here!


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