Santorini Greece hand embroidery pattern

Santorini Greece hand embroidery pattern


The pattern fits perfectly in a 20cm (8″) hoop. It’s carefully designed to give you an ideal design to practise embroidering a graded sky. Who doesn’t dream to walk along the white stones with a clear blue sky as a bright contrast? Let your mind travel away with each stitch.

To go along with the pattern, Charles has created an in depth video tutorial that you can watch on youtube or further down on this page.

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The Santorini Greece hand embroidery pattern is a dream for all blue sky lovers. Charles has designed it especially as the perfect challenge to practise embroidered gradients.

What is special about a gradient? There are some tips that will make a difference of day and night. To give you full support in the process, Charles has also created a Youtube video that shows you this Santorini pattern as an example. Thus it is the perfect complement for you!

With knowledge of how to embroider a graded area, you can get creative and choose the kind of sky that you love the most. Perhaps a sunrise or sunset is more your cup of tea?


What is included with the Santorini Greece hand embroidery pattern?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern, stitch and colour guide as downloadable pdf files. You will be able to instantly download them on the page. Alternatively, access again later on your account here on Please feel free to contact us at if you ever have any questions!

Additional resources

We’ve also developed a Free video stitch library, that works as the perfect complement to the written guides. The video tutorials shows you close up videos of each technique. Which technique to use where is already indicated on your pattern.

We can’t wait to see what you create! Don’t forget to use the #charlesandelin so that we can see and share your work with the greater community.

Do you need materials?

You can everything you need with our partner Cloudcraft!

Work by other stitchers:

Student work on Santorini pattern by Charles and Elin

By @thread_nd_hues

Student work on Santorini embroidery pattern by Charles and Elin

By @sweetamber86


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