Saint Germain Backyard 3″


This pattern fits perfectly into a hoop of 8cm (3″) diameter. Stitch by stitch you will be carried away to the hidden gems of  Paris city centre. The design may look advanced, but is perfectly adapted for you who may not have as many stitch hours in your back. With only basic stitches you will work your way through the design in layers, with a luxurious result at the end. You can see the full process video to support you here or just below in the description.

Saint-Germain-des-Près in the 6th arrondissement of Paris is home to numerous hidden gems. Thus, this embroidery pattern is inspired from these hidden backyards. When you enter the front gate it sometimes feels like you enter a new world. From the buy streets of the French capital into calm flowering idylls.

This pattern is perfect for beginners of embroidery or if you have just tried a few designs before.

The finished result may look intimidating, but we know that you can successfully embroider this! The key is to split up the process in “layered steps”. In other words, you will work with the lines in the back i.e. the contours of the building, first and thereafter work your way out with filled surfaces and last the greenery and stones.

To give you an extra confidence boost we have filmed a full process video where you can see a clearer view of the process. Thus, we recommend that you have a look at the video below before you get stitching.

What is included in the Saint Germain Pattern?

You will receive access to your pattern as a downloadable pdf immediately upon purchase. In addition to the pattern you will also receive a general technique guide that gives you more detailed step by step images of the techniques indicated on the pattern. All our patterns use only the basic stitch techniques of backstitch, split stitch, french knot, satin stitch and straight stitch and this pattern is no different.

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