Rue Furstemberg Paris

Rue Furstemberg Paris

Rue Furstemberg Paris


This idyllic Paris pattern fits perfectly in a 15 cm (6″) diameter hoop or larger. The image is shown as a night-scene with dark blue fabric. However, you can easily shift to a lighter cotton canvas and turn it into a daytime stroll in Paris – you are the creative!


This embroidery pattern features one of the most idyllic streets in Paris, Rue Furstemberg. Born and raised in Paris, Charles has passed on this street endless times. Thus, when he felt a longing for his hometown this street came immediately to mind for inspiration.

The pattern is embroidered on a dark blue cotton canvas to represent a night scene. There is just something magical about nights in Paris. It’s as if the city changes and becomes both mysterious and peaceful in the same time. However, even though Charles version is stitched as a night scene, you can easily exchange the fabric to another colour.

If you choose to use a light fabric, just be sure to also switch the colour of the contours. You want the contours to be stitched in a contrasting floss. In other words, for example  white fabric works perfect with black contours and vice versa. The filled out surfaces however, can be embroidered in the same colours as indicated on in the pattern guide.

What is included in the Rue Furstemberg Paris pattern?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern with accompanying stitch and colour guide as downloadable pdf documents. Hence, be sure that you are able to read and download pdf documents on your computer. There is nothing physical that will be shipped with this purchase.

If you are a beginner of embroidery we invite you to also join our free resource center, where you can watch closeup slow-motion videos of all the techniques you need to know. Even though you may think a pattern looks advanced, we never use more than 7 basic stitches. Thus we are absolutely convinced that you will succeed perfectly with any of our patterns.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or We are more than happy to assist you as soon as possible!


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