Rue d’Aboukir, Paris hand embroidery pattern

Rue d’Aboukir, Paris hand embroidery pattern


This authentic embroidery pattern is inspired by Rue d’Aboukir in Paris. It fits perfectly into a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop. The pattern is perfect for you who love fine contour work. We recommend to use the backstitch technique for neat lines.


This embroidery design is the result of an inspirational walk by Rue d’Aboukir in the 2nd district of Paris. The 2nd district (arrondissement) is in the historical centre of the French Capital. Thus it’s to no surprise that its name dates back to the 25th of July 1799 and an important event in history. Namely Napoleon’s win of the Battle of Abukir during the French campaign in Egypt.

Long before we began our embroidery journey, we always felt inspired by the rich history of Paris. With each step you can feel it in the atmosphere. The majestic buildings never ending cultural heritage is astonishing. Thus it’s no accident that many of our modern hand embroidery patterns capture the streets of the city.

There is just something extra special with these kind of unconventional street art sceneries. As opposed to designs of well-known buildings and monuments, the streets carry something deeper. Street scenes has another level of authenticity and roughness to them. As you stitch it, you will be carried away with all the thoughts and imaginations of who has been walking on these streets since 1799…

What is included in the design of Rue d’Aboukir?

Upon purchase you will receive instantly downloadable pdf files with the pattern, stitch and colour guide. Though as you can see our stitched version of the pattern, we chose to use only black thread. The strong fine lines creates an intriguing modern and graphical contrast to the historical site. To further enhance the contemporary embroidery look, you could even stitch this design with white thread on a black fabric.

We recommend to have a rigid cotton fabric for your stitchery. This will ensure stability for the fine contour lines. Furthermore, it adds on the rustic feeling of the finished embroidered artwork.

Can’t wait to see your progress on this design! If you tag your process images on Instagram with the #charlesandelin we’ll happily share it with the larger community in our stories!

Happy stitching!

Work from other stitchers in our community:

Student work on Rue daboukir embroidery pattern

By @mynameisfrenchy



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