Place des Vosges 6″ Intermediate


This historical embroidery pattern of Place des Vosges in Paris fits perfectly into a hoop of 15cm (6”) or larger. We recommend to use a cotton canvas as it provides a solid stitch base for this detailed design. For optimal support we have filmed the full process that you can see below or on Charles and Elin YouTube.

Place des Vosges is another historical embroidery pattern. The square was originally called Place Royal as it was built by king Henri IV 1605-1612. Furthermore being the oldest planned square in Paris, it also represents the beginning of royal city planning across Europe.

From it’s inauguration up to the French Revolution 1789, the square served as a meeting point for the aristocracy and politicians. Who knows how many key decisions in French history that were made here?! One of the things that we love about architectural embroidery is how the slow process allows you to take time to reflect on the design you stitch. Who walked here? What did they say? How did they feel?

This is especially interesting when it’s a historical location or if it’s a place that you have/want to visit. The focal point of the design is the beautiful fountain that stands in the middle of the square.

Before you begin this embroidery pattern

Before you begin to stitch it, we recommend that you watch the full video process below. Even though the pattern is marked as an advanced design, we are convinced that anyone can successfully stitch this pattern.

The key is to concentrate on one step at the time. This is why it’s perfect to watch the full process in advance, so that you get more confidence and knowledge ahead of time.

What is included in Place des Vosges embroidery pattern?

Upon purchase you will immediately receive the pattern as a downloadable pdf. In case you don’t find it in your main inbox, be sure to double check your spam filter. Along with the pattern you will also receive the stitch and colour guide to complement the process video.

Lastly you will also get a general technique guide that shows the indicated embroidery stitches in more detail.

For you who wish to have further support, we also recommend you to join our free video stitch library.

Alternatively we also have full master classes on Charles and Elin Academy, where you can practise with us first. To get a good base for this pattern, the Architectural hand embroidery course or Architectural Threadpainting would be perfect.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any questions!

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