Place Dauphine, Paris pattern

Place Dauphine, Paris pattern

Place Dauphine, Paris pattern


This pattern inspired from the beautiful buildings at Place Dauphine in Paris fits perfect into a 20cm (8″) diameter hoop. It’s the dream for architecture lovers and will train you to become a master in backstitch. Despite the advanced look and high level of graphic line-work, you will only use the backstitch technique to achieve the final result.


Place Dauphine is a square in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. It’s an absolutely beautiful area to walk and you can feel the touch of history on each street.

This design is inspired from one of the buildings that faces Pont Neuf. Thus it’s what you will see first before you enter the square. The buildings were constructed in the early 17th century and remain impressive to this day.

Place Dauphine as a modern embroidery design

Even though the depicted building hold a long history, the design has a very modern touch. With only a single stranded thread you will be able to stitch neat and fine lines. The best technique to use is the backstitch. Hence this is a real backstitch pattern! Furthermore, single stranded threads allows you to embroider much smaller details.

We chose to embroider this design with a multi-coloured thread. Naturally you can choose any colour you prefer, since it won’t have any effect on the techniques you use. The difference with a multi-coloured to a regular thread is that you will achieve a natural variation in the piece without having to change colour.

Some more insights…

By reducing the number of strands as well as the length of your stitches, you will immediately achieve a more advanced result. Thus, even though we refer to this as an advanced pattern, we are sure that anyone can successfully stitch this pattern. The most important is that you work on an embroidery pattern that you find intriguing and beautiful, as it will make the process much more enjoyable!

Are you new to Architectural embroidery designs?

Perhaps you have never stitched an architectural embroidery design before and wonder whether you can do it? First of all, YOU CAN! Secondly, we’ve put together a series of resources to support you throughout the process. For example, you will receive a stitch guide and general technique guide along with your purchase of the pattern.

Furthermore, we also recommend you to have a look at this article that we wrote about our approach to Architectural designs. Lastly, you can also enrol in our video stitch library as a complement to better perfect your techniques. The Place Dauphine will definitely make you an expert on backstitches!

Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of line-work, but rather work your way through the design line by line and you will have a unique modern hand embroidery design to be proud of!


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