Passage in Roma

Passage in Roma


This charming pattern of a typical Passage in Roma, Italy fits perfectly in a hoop of 18cm (7″) or larger. We have used an off white cotton canvas in the embroidered version. But you can always feel free to change the fabric colour according to your preference. The cotton canvas serves as a great solid support for architectural hand embroidery designs.


This cosy embroidery pattern is inspired by the charming streets of Rome, Italy. Hence the title Passage in Roma. One of the things that we love about architectural hand embroidery is how it allows you to travel in time and space. Whenever we travel to a new city we always head for the backstreets first. Why, you might wonder?

We’ve found that you quicker get a sense of the local culture and ambiance when you get off the main streets. Where do the locals go? Where do they live? As soon as you start reflecting on these questions you’ve already made it a step closer to a deeper connection.

The Passage in Roma pattern is a modern interpretation of the scene. By leaving some areas with just contours and other areas with filled surfaces, you immediately achieve a more thoughtful and modern look. Nevertheless, the blush colour of the walls is just a suggestion. In other words, we highly encourage you to use the colour that feels the most “Italy” to you.

Modern hand embroidery is all about the personal experience. The moment you get to spend with thread and needle in hand. Thus, it’s important to have both a design and colours that enhances the joyfulness of your creative moment!

What is included in the Passage of Roma pattern?

Immediately upon purchase you will have access to the pattern (including technique and colour indications), a detailed description and general technique guide.

In case you are new to embroidery, the general technique guide shows the step by step for all of the techniques that are indicated on the pattern. Furthermore, the detailed description serves as additional support and suggestion of process order. Where to begin and how to continue the process until the end.

Perhaps you are a complete beginner of embroidery?

Then our video stitch library can be just that extra support you need. It includes a couple of free patterns and close-up slow-motion videos of the most used stitch techniques. The focus is on the visual and thus the technique videos are silent to encourage you to observe closely. You can have learn more and join on Charles an Elin Academy.

We hope you will enjoy this pattern as much as we did!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any questions or concerns at


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