Paris hand embroidery pattern (pdf)


Les Volcans, Paris embroidery pattern fits in a hoop of 20cm (8″) in diameter. This design is inspired by the facade of a restaurant in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It can be purchased uniquely or as a part of the modern hand embroidery Master Class that you can find over at Charles and Elin Academy. It is exclusively designed to make you a master of the modern architectural hand embroidery style.

Are you relatively new to embroidery? Or perhaps you’ve never stitched an architectural design before? Then this Paris hand embroidery pattern is the perfect place to start! It is available as both a unique design and a full online Masterclass over on Charles and Elin Academy. Our mission is to give you the best tools and support on your embroidery journey as possible, which is why we offer both options.

If you choose to purchase the full online course, this design will be included with your purchase. However, if you prefer to practise yourself, then we couldn’t encourage you more! One of the best ways to become a master at something, is by trial and error. It’s when you try different kinds of patterns and styles that you will be able to find your own voice. By experience, you will then be able to know whether you prefer to stitch the more traditional floral designs, or the more modern and graphical designs such as this one.

The design was originally inspired by a restaurant in the 9th arrondissement of Paris called “Les Volcans”. It’s situated at a street corner, where you simply can’t miss it when you pass by. Hence, every time we would pass by while living in Paris, the facade caught Elin’s attention. This is the process for all our patterns, which makes them original and new in the hand embroidery sphere.

What is included with the Les Volcans Paris hand embroidery pattern?

Upon purchase of the unique pattern, you will receive the design along with stitch and colour guides as downloadable pdf files.  Thus, you need to be able to open and read pdf documents on your computer. The pattern fits perfectly in a 20cm (8″) embroidery hoop.

No physical materials will be shipped with this purchase. However, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions throughout the process.

Look forward to see your process on the Les Volcans design! Be sure to tag us with the #charlesandelin if you choose to post on Instagram. We will happily share your process in our stories and website!

Work from stitchers in our community:

Student work on Les volcans embroidery pattern by Charles and Elin
Student work on les volcans pattern by Charles and Elin
By @fanzengaya
Student work on Les Volcans pattern
By @maerawie

Student work on Charles and Elin Pattern

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