Paris embroidery pattern (Rue Réaumur)

Paris embroidery pattern (Rue Réaumur)

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This hand embroidery patterns is a pure joy for all Paris, architecture and needlework lovers. It captures the historical architecture in the centre of the French capital. With the thin black contours, you will have a unique and modern art work when you’re finished – perfect to decorate your home or to give as a personal gift to a loved one.


This Paris embroidery pattern is a pure joy for all architecture and needlework enthusiasts. It’s inspired by the majestic architecture in the old part of Paris. You can find the building of the design when you walk down Rue Réaumur, which runs between the 2nd and 3rd arrondissement.

When we lived in Paris, we used to walk in the older parts of the city on a daily basis. Thus, many of our early hand embroidery designs are inspired by the iconic city. But who’d blame us? The architecture makes for gorgeous modern embroidery patterns! They all start out as hand drawings, which are later transferred to original and authentic embroidery patterns. Hence, you can be sure to have a unique embroidered artwork upon completion.

The pattern fits perfectly in a 15cm (6″) embroidery hoop. You are able to keep the hoop for framing, or to stretch the embroidery onto a canvas frame. It all depends on your preference and what you think would fit the best for you. It’s incredible to see the growing movement of modern hand embroidery. Unique motives like this one, sure contributes to the inspiration for stitching.

The green trees make up a strong colour contrast to the black contours, which completes the composition. On most of the larger streets in Paris, you find these big trees along the sides. They contribute to the atmosphere and frames the avenues in beautiful ways. Perhaps the most known avenue is the Champs Elysée, where you can also see these trees along the street.

What is included in this Paris embroidery pattern?

You will receive the pattern along with a stitch and colour guide and detailed description as downloadable pdfs. No physical materials will be shipped with this purchase. Hence, you need to be able to read and open pdf files on your computer. We highly encourage to only print the page with the transferable pattern. This will not only save the ink in your printer, but also paper for the environment.

Are you new to hand embroidery and wondering whether you’re fit to try out this design? We’ve designed a series of online courses that teaches you all the steps in modern architectural hand embroidery. Feel free to check it out as a complement to the design.

To learn to embroider is like to learn to bicycle. ones you know it, you will have a wonderful and highly useful skill for the rest of your life! We’re so excited to see you here and can’t wait to follow your stitching journey!


  1. I m a lover of hand embroidery and this very piece is just perfect soothing. I like it.

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