Oslo Norway Embroidery Pattern (hand embroidery)


Oslo, Norway pattern fits in a hoop of 20cm (8″) in diameter. This design is perfect for back stitch lovers who are looking for a modern and unique graphical design. It can be embroidered either on a black background with white contours as in the picture, or inverse the colours with white fabrics and black thread.

Upon purchase you will also have the technique, stitch and colour guide included. No physical material will be shipped with this purchase. The files will be sent as downloadable pdfs, thus you need to be able to open, read and print pdf files.

Oslo Norway Embroidery Pattern, is one of our Scandinavian favourites. Despite the advance look, the majority of the design is stitched with the simple backstitches. Therefore, it is a great pattern to get started on for beginners that are hungry for an inspiring challenge.

We’ve embroidered the original with white thread on a rigid black cotton fabric. Depending on your preference, you can easily swap the colours and stitch with black on white. Why not try to do both? To have two inverse variations of the same design, you will have an unexpected (but amazing) wall hanging combination!

The historical background of the Oslo Norway embroidery pattern

This unique design is inspired by Victoria Terrassen, which was built 1884-1890 in the centre of Oslo. The building was originally constructed as an apartment complex, but was taken over by the Norwegian Government already 1913. Following, during the second world war, the building was seized by Nazi Germany. The Germans used the house for interrogations of prisoners.

Thankfully, the war ended and Norway was able to take back the ownership of the house. Hence, today it’s the home for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs.

What is included with this embroidery design?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern as a downloadable pdf. The pattern, when printed on a regular A4 paper, fits perfectly into a 20cm (8″) diameter hoop. Additionally, you will also receive colour and stitch guides as downloadable pdfs.

In case you’re new to embroidery, our free embroidery library is the perfect complement for you. Inside the library you can access close-up video tutorials of all techniques you need to know.

If you’re looking for more fun and inspiring design, be sure to have a look at our pattern overview as well.

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