Lisbon hand embroidery pattern

Lisbon hand embroidery pattern


Lisbon hand embroidery pattern will make you dream of the rooftops in the southern capital. This is the perfect embroidery design for anyone eager to experiment with some free hand embroidery for the background. A fun mix of contour work and freestyle, makes it an inspiring challenge for all embroidery enthusiasts.


The Lisbon hand embroidery pattern fits in a hoop of 15cm (6″) in diameter. It is inspired by the scenic views over the old quarter Alfama in Lisbon. In the background you can see the majestic Panteao Nacional, which houses many of Portugals most famous people through history.

We encourage you to be creative with the sky and see where your stitches take you. Perhaps you want to fill it all or do some impressive shapes. There are no limitations with free hand embroidery, which is only one of the reasons we fell in love with the medium.

The Lisbon hand embroidery design and the Lisbon Tram pattern were both created during our stay in the Portuguese capital. We lived in the city for three months and highly recommend everyone to visit! If you’ve been or dream to go to Lisbon, an embroidered art work will always be a memory to treasure forever.

What is included with this Lisbon hand embroidery pattern?

Upon purchase you will receive an instant download with the technique, stitch and colour guide for this design. Even though we give you suggested directions for the colours, you can always exchange the nuances according to your preference. To choose the colors is a important part of the creative process. Thus, to have the support of a pre-made embroidery pattern can be the boost you need to dare to take the step and mix your colours.

We can’t wait to see what you create with this Lisbon hand embroidery pattern! If you are on Instagram, don’t hesitate to use the #charlesandelin as you stitch along and we will happily share your process in our stories.

Looking to boost your embroidery skills further?

Then our online Masterclasses might be the perfect answer for you. For this design the courses on Architectural hand embroidery and threadpainting can fit fantastic. Alternatively, if you’re ready to dig deeper into the exploration of color choices for your embroidery designs, then our new course on How to create your own embroidery design might be a better complement!


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