Le Marais embroidery design


Le Marais embroidery design is a wonderful hand embroidery pattern for lovers of texture. The pattern fits perfectly in a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop. It’s inspired from the authentic small streets in the Marais area and a wonderful destination to visit on your next trip to Paris!

The Le Marais embroidery design is a textural dream for all embroiderers. Despite the high level of texture, this pattern still keeps to our philosophy of only using few embroidery stitches. You will embroider the contours with the backstitch technique, the sunshades with satin stitches, the tree with straight stitches and lastly the ivy with knotted stitch (French knot).

All in all you will use a four stitches to embroider this gorgeous design! It’s not the number of stitches that makes a design more or less beautiful. Rather, it’s the way you are creative with fewer techniques that will make all the difference. The scenery is inspired from the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, where for example the restaurant “Chez Marianne” is located. On its walls, the restaurant has a wonderful deep green ivy. Thus, to best capture the vividness of the ivy, you will stitch your French knots closely together.

Furthermore, by using two nuances of green, you will also capture the light more effectively. In other words, a lighter shade of green for the french knot ivy above the sunshades, and a darker shade below them. The reason is that the sunshades naturally creates darker shadow on the wall below. Hence, to enhance the perspective and realism, we recommend to use difference nuances.

The same applies to the tree, which uses a third nuance of green. However, for the tree, you will embroider with a very light green, as the tree is the most exposed to light.

What is included in the purchase of the Le Marais embroidery design?

Don’t worry if the various nuances of green sounded like a lot to take in! We always include a colour guide and stitch recommendations for all our designs. Hence, you can calmly download this pattern to your computer and have all the instructions you need to get started.

The accompanying stitch guide shows you a general overview of the techniques, whereas the pattern includes directions for where we’ve used which embroidery technique. If you’re new to embroidery you may find our video stitch library to be a great complement to the stitch technique! It’s completely free so that you can get going on your embroidery journey in the best way possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Happy stitching!

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