La Seine hand embroidery pattern

La Seine hand embroidery pattern

La Seine hand embroidery pattern


This embroidery pattern of La Seine in Paris fits perfectly in a size of 15cm or larger. It’s stitched on a cotton canvas, thus any thicker cotton that is non-stretch and non-transparent. You will only use the backstitch, split stitch, satin stitch and French Knot, so it’s suitable for embroiderers of all levels.


This design captures one of the iconic views over la Seine in Paris. Follow the channel for a beautiful stroll and you will see numerous charming boat homes like in this pattern.Whether you are a boat lover or not, these floating homes certainly adds charm to the city buzz.

The buildings in the background (stitched with single stranded backstitches) are located on Île Saint Louis in the 4th arrondissement. It’s an island located in the middle of la Seine in central Paris, and a must to visit!

How to stitch the La Seine embroidery pattern?

For this design we recommend to embroider all of the contours first. Do this with a single stranded thread and the backstitch technique. With the contours filled out, you will have a nice overview of the design whereafter you can decide if you wish to fill out the boat or not. This is the process that we go through for most of our patterns. It isn’t  until the contours are in place that you can see where the composition needs complementation with colouring.

After the contours, you can continue with the shaded areas such as underneath the bridge. We love the split stitch technique for filled out surfaces as it gives you more freedom with regards to direction and length of the stitches.

You will use the split stitch technique for most of the boat as well. It’s only in areas where the distances (and areas) are smaller that you shift to satin stitch. But you are able to see the indications on the pattern of where to use which technique in case you are unsure.

Last but not least, make some French knots for the greenery on the island.

What is included with this pattern?

Upon purchase you will be able to instantly download your pattern as a pdf. Inside the pattern you have the design as well as guide for which colours and techniques have been used where. You will also receive an additional pdf with a general stitch guide that explains each technique in more detail. Thus you can always refer back to the general stitch guide wherever you feel unsure of a technique on the pattern.

In case you’d like even more support we also have a video-library where you get all the techniques used shown as closeup slowmotion videos. The video stitch library also includes two free bonus patterns, so it’s worth to check out regardless! You find it on Charles and Elin Academy.

If you ever have any questions or concerns throughout the process, we’re here to help you. Send us an email and we will answer you asap to get your stitching going 🙂

We’d love to see your process on our patterns! So please send pictures via email or tag us on Instagram and @_charleshenry_ and use the #charlesandelin.

Happy stitching!

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