Japan inspired threadpainting (pdf pattern)


This Japan inspired threadpainting pattern is the perfect challenge for you who wish to take your embroidery skills to the next level. With threadpainting techniques of varying nuances and stitch direction, you will be able to capture even the small details of this shop front.

The design fits perfectly into a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop.

This Japan inspired threadpainting pattern is a fun embroidery challenge for fellow stitchers. You will get to practise with short and long stitches, split stitch and satin stitches to capture the details. One of the most known characteristics of threadpainting is its close links to painting philosophy. In other words, how you  can combine colours and change the direction and length of stitches to create the desired effect.

The design aims to capture a typical Japanese shop front, which involves a high level of detail. Furthermore, as a result of the high colour contrasts between the store and the greenery behind it, the design achieves more depth. In addition to the colour contrasts, the greenery is stitched with varying nuances. The closes to the shop you will use a darker thread as opposed to at the edges. This is a typical threadpainting technique, where you include a visualisation of where the light comes from.

Hence, thanks to the lighter green nuance at the edges of the bush, you know that those embroidered leaves are exposed to more sun. The same logic applies to the stitchery on the shop front. Pay close attention and you can see the varying nuances of brown, which enhances the different sections of the shop while still remaining harmonious.

What is included in this Japan inspired threadpainting pattern?

Upon purchase you will receive technique, stitch and colour guides. No physical material will be shipped with this purchase. The files will be sent as downloadable pdfs. Thus you need to be able to open, read and print pdf files.

If you are new to threadpainting you may find this embroidery design overwhelming. Therefore, we have designed an online Masterclass on Architectural threadpainting to help you master the techniques. You can find the course on Charles and Elin Academy.

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