Italy embroidery pattern of Florence Cathedral


This small Italy embroidery design is inspired by the iconic Florence Cathedral. It’s a close-up of  dome, which makes it an authentic and unique perspective to stitch. The pattern fits perfect into a 10cm (4″) embroidery hoop. Hence, if you’re on the look for an embroidery pattern that you can easily bring with you in your bag, or something to stitch that will take slightly less time, then this is the perfect pattern for you!

Do you have an upcoming trip to Italy (or wish you did)? Then this Italy embroidery pattern is the perfect project for you! It’s a mini hand embroidery design, which makes it ideal for portability and limited time. The design fits in a 10cm (4″) embroidery hoop, which enables it to easy slip into a small handbag.

In case you’re not going to Italy in the nearest future, this design of the Florence Cathedral, will take you there. Stitch by stitch, your mind will travel to the heart of arts and culture in Florence. Furthermore, while embroidering, you will most likely find yourself to imagine what it would be like to be in Florence at that moment. Trust us, it happens every time we embroider a location we haven’t yet travelled to!

Interesting background of the design

The Santa Maria del Fiori cathedral began to be built in Gothic style in 1296. About 150 years later, in 1436, the church was completed. Even though 1296 sound like ages ago, the church was actually built to replace the previous cathedral i the same location. The first church was opened in year 393, but was considered too small for the growing population of Florence.

Today, the three buildings that make up the church are known as a UNESCO World heritage site. Hence, the majestic building is by no surprise one of the most sought after tourist attractions in the heart of Tuscany. Perhaps you have already been there?

What is included in this Italy embroidery pattern?

Upon purchase you will receive the Florence Cathedral design as a downloadable pdf. Thus, you need to be able to download and read pdf files on your computer. We recommend to only print the page of the design to save paper for the environment and ink in your printer. In addition  you will also receive a stitch and colour guide. However, as you may see on the picture of the completed embroidery, Charles stitched it with only black thread.

Furthermore, by only using a single strand, Charles was able to better capture the tiny details. For small embroidery patterns we recommend to make shorter stitches. Shorter stitches allows for more precision and control of your needlework. To best embroider neat contours, we recommend you to use the backstitch technique. In case you’re not too familiar with the backstitch technique or with Architectural hand embroidery at all, don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered with a complete online course in Architectural hand embroidery, as well as a series of backstitch patterns to practise on. For example, one of the backstitch designs is another Italy embroidery pattern of Sassi di Matera.


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