Italian embroidery of Sassi di Matera (pdf pattern)

Italian embroidery of Sassi di Matera (pdf pattern)


The Sassi di Matera design is an Italian embroidery dream. It’s the perfect beginner design with an incredibly rich history. Become a part of Sassi di Matera stitch by stitch already today.


Do you love Italy and embroidery? Then this Italian embroidery design is the perfect combination for you! Furthermore, it’s great beginner pattern for you who wish to learn how to embroider. The design is inspired by the idyllic village Sassi di Matera in south east Italy. The old town referred to as the Sassi of Matera, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993.

In the midst of the protected Sassi, are a number of renowned church-caves that date back to the 10th millennia BC. The town Matera itself is slightly younger (!) as it was created in 251 BC. One might wonder why the town wasn’t a heritage site sooner than 1993. Researchers argue that Matera is one of the oldest inhabited town of the world, which makes it an extraordinary design to stitch.

To best capture the silhouettes, we recommend to use the backstitch technique. It will allow you to stitch neat and fine lines, to maintain the clean finishing. For details you get to experiment with miniature French knots. Charles chose to stitch them with red and yellow flowers. However, if you’d rather like to keep the historic perspective, you’re able to either skip them or stitch the bushes in a darker green nuance.

What is included in this Italian embroidery design?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern and its accompanying stitch and colour guides as downloadable pdf files. Hence, you need to be able to open and read pdf documents on your computer. The pattern is transferred perfectly into a 18cm (7″) diameter embroidery hoop. However, considering the graphical look it could be lovely to use a larger hoop and leave some more fabric around the design. This will make the final embroidery work feel more luxurious and neat.

We recommend to stitch on a thicker cotton fabric. This will ensure the stability and rigidity when you embroider the fine backstitch lines.

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Work from stitchers in our community:

Student work on Sassi di Matera pattern by Charles and Elin

By: @embroidery_alexandra


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