Hand embroidery design of Venice, Italy

Hand embroidery design of Venice, Italy


This hand embroidery design of Venice fits perfectly into a 15 cm (5″) diameter hoop. It comes as a downloadable pdf with the pattern, stitch and color guides.


This hand embroidery design of Venice, is the dream for all Italy lovers. With each stitch it feels as if you get to travel to this idyllic location. Venice is situated on a group of 118 small islands, which are all linked by over 400 bridges. Due to all of the surrounding water, the idyllic town is severely threatened by the global warming. Thus, to be able to capture part of its beauty in an embroidered art work, is gift to treasure forever.

Hand embroidery designs of architecture and sceneries around us, can truly build connections between you and the site. Whether it is a place you’ve been or a place you dream to go, to turn the location into an embroidered art piece is incredible. This is only one of the reasons why we are so in love with this style of free hand embroidery. Additionally it’s also why we’ve dedicated our hand embroidery patterns to the beauty of our world.

What to expect with hand embroidery design Venice?

Be prepared to get creative with straight stitches for the water. By overlapping and aligning straight stitches in various colors, you can effectively create the illusion of water. Furthermore, the rest of the design is a refreshing combination of backstitch, satin stitch and miniature french knots. The French knots are used to capture the miniature florals on the low hanging balconies. We highly recommend to use a thicker cotton fabric. With a thicker fabric you will have more stability for your stitches.

The hand embroidery design Venice fits perfectly into a 15cm (5″) diameter hoop. As with all our designs, you can expect to receive the pattern along with stitch and colour guides. The pattern arrives as a downloadable pdf. Thus, no physical materials will be shipped with this purchase.


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