Hand embroidery design of Saint-Michel, Paris


This hand embroidery design of Saint-Michel in Paris, fits perfectly into a 20cm (6″) diameter hoop. It comes as a downloadable pdf including the pattern, stitch and color guides.

This hand embroidery design of Saint-Michel in Paris, is an absolute joy to stitch. It combines backstitch contours with bright red split stitches for the shop.

As with all our embroidery designs we always encourage you to be creative. For example, if there are elements of the pattern that you would like in another colour, change them to your liking! The shopfront is red in reality, whereas we chose blue for the stitched scooter purely out of our love for blue…

What is included with the hand embroidery design Saint-Michel?

Even though you are encouraged to choose colours, we always include a complete color and stitch guide. Embroidering should be fun and liberating. Thus, it’s important for us that you do to what fits you best. Upon purchase, the pattern and accompanying guides are delivered as instantly downloadable pdf files.

The hand embroidery design Saint-Michel is fitted perfectly for a 20cm (6″) diameter embroidery hoop. We recommend to use a thicker cotton canvas fabric for optimal result and rigidity of the finished needlework.

Fun facts…

An even more accurate name for this pattern would be: “Rue Saint André des Arts”. It’s the name of the well known tangent street to this “stitch friendly” shop. It’s located in the historical 6th arrondissement of Paris, which is a must visit on your next trip to the French Capital!

Actes Sud is a French book publisher and they couldn’t have chosen a more charming shop front. Perhaps it’s part of their goal to make by-passers want to drop in. Well, it certainly worked on us! As you can see, it worked so well that we had to turn into into a special hand embroidery pattern.

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