Garden House Ceiling Pattern

Garden House Ceiling Pattern


This design is unique in our collection as it’s captured from the inside of a Garden House roof. The pattern fits perfectly in a 20cm (8″) diameter hoop.  You find the full process video for stitch support on our Youtube channel.


The Garden House Ceiling pattern is a unique design in our collection, as it’s inspired from the inside of a roof. More precisely, a garden house roof in Amsterdam. The roof consists of endless small windows, where the window frames align in a unique graphic pattern.

To balance the modern structures, we added greenery on the floor that stretches its leaves towards the light. Additionally, the green creates a strong contrast to the black and white, which makes the whole design pop.

Even though we chose to embroider the roof structures with white on black cotton canvas, you can easily switch. In other words, you can easily exchange the black to a white fabric and thereby use black embroidery floss for the contours. It all depends on your preference as well as material availability. However, the greenery will serve the same purpose regardless of whether you use a black or white fabric as background.

What is included in the Garden House Ceiling Pattern?

Below is a full video with the embroidery process of the garden house ceiling pattern to assist your stitching.

Most of the roof structures are embroidered with single stranded backstitches. The greenery on the other hand is a combination of French knots, satin stitch and split stitch.

Inside the pattern you will be able to see the techniques used in which areas. Furthermore, along with the pattern pdf, you will also receive a general technique guide with step-by-step explanations of the different techniques that are indicated.

Here is also a detailed article with all the stitches you need to know to embroider any of our patterns.

In case you prefer video support, we have also created a free video stitch library where you can see all the techniques used in slow-motion video format. You find the resource centre on Charles and Elin Academy.


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