French knot pattern of Casa Battlo (hand embroidery)


Casa Batllo Gaudi embroidery pattern fits in a hoop of 15cm (6″) in diameter. This design is inspired by the beautiful architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona. The pattern is perfect for french knot lovers, as the tiles on the wall can be captured with tiny french knots. This is one of our most appreciated designs to date, so don’t miss to try out your own version!

Upon purchase you will also have the technique, stitch and colour guide included. No physical material will be shipped with this purchase. The files will be sent as downloadable pdfs, thus you need to be able to open, read and print pdf files.

The Casa Batllo pattern is one of our all time favourites. The soft shapes and details of Gaudi’s architectural masterpiece make it a fun challenge for needleworkers and French knot lovers.

The French knot technique is usually used to add texture and smaller florals. However, for the Casa Batllo design we used the stitch slightly differently, namely for the tiles that makes up the marvellous facade. Each French knot represents a unique tile, which is why they’re so small.

Thus, to enhance the finesse of the knots, they are made with only a single stranded thread. Even though it looks advanced, it’s the same technique as with a regular larger French knot! To use miniature knots for the wall is a typical example of how a basic technique can be used in an unexpected way. It’s these kinds of tricks that we absolutely love with the embroidery medium.

Even though the focus is on the French knot mural, there are also a a great deal of smooth rounded shapes to consider. To stitch rounded shapes can be quite tricky in the beginning. However, the secret to successfully embroider smooth lines is to shorten the stitch length. Hence, don’t be scared of the advanced impression of the final result, but rather embrace the challenge!

Interesting history of your next Casa Batllo pattern

The splendid building was first constructed in 1877, on what would become one of the main roads in Barclona called Paseo de Gracia. Exactly 26 years later, it was bought by Josep Batlló, who gave Gaudi free hands to recreate and renovate the whole house. During the reconstruction period 1904-1906, the house got transformed into an extraordinary art work from the inside and out.

Today, Casa Batlló (House of Batlló) is a UNESCO World heritage site and symbol of the Spanish capital. We highly recommend you to visit it on your next travel to Barcelona.

What is included in the French knot filled Casa Batlló hand embroidery design?

Upon purchase you will receive access to the pattern as a downloadable pdf. Along with the transferable design, you will also get technique and colour guides. No physical materials will be shipped with this purchase.

The design fits perfectly into a 15cm (6″) diameter embroidery hoop. We recommend to use a thicker cotton fabric. It will ensure stability and rigidity of the finer details. Furthermore, it gives a more luxury feeling of an exclusive embroidered art work.

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