Flower design for embroidery (hand embroidery)

Flower design for embroidery (hand embroidery)


Who doesn’t love ice-cream and flowers?! This flower design for embroidery is the perfect pattern for summer lovers. It’s a fun challenge for you who love texture and to play with various techniques. By overlapping and interchanging stitcher and colours, you will have a unique and lovely embroidery artwork when you’re done.


Who doesn’t love ice-cream and flowers?! This flower design for embroidery is the perfect pattern for summer lovers. We often refer to this design as “flower cream”, since it’s a fun combination of ice-cream and flowers. The pattern is ideal of the adventurous stitcher, who looks for a textural challenge.

One of the perks with embroidery as a medium, is how it enables you to capture a 3D effect. Not only is it visually appealing, but you can feel the shapes and textures when you touch it. This is why we often think of modern hand embroidery as “touchable drawings”. Hence, this design embodies everything we love about needlework (and we know you’ll love it too!).

You will never get bored when you embroider this pattern. It can be tiresome with too much repetition, which makes this design refreshing and fun! For example, overlap and interchange techniques and colours to create unique floral structures. Additionally, to also vary the thickness of the threads and how hard you pull the stitches will also have an impact on the final result.

To give another example, the French knot can have widely different impressions. Stitch it tight and neat close to each other and you will have a flower with many small petals. Stitch it loose and with thick threads and the knot alone can embody flowering roses.

What is included with this flower design for embroidery?

The pattern fits perfectly into a 20cm (8″) diameter hoop. The design along with stitch and colour guides come as downloadable pdf documents. To be aware of our environment, we highly encourage you to just print the page with the transferable pattern.

Do you feel inspired by this design, but worried that you’re not a frequent stitcher? Don’t worry! The most important to boost creativity and your embroidery skills, is to stitch a design that you love. Therefore, instead of being limited by the difficulty of a pattern, we’ve designed a free stitch library. Take on the challenge of your favourite embroidery pattern and learn the techniques as you go. In the embroidery library you can follow all the techniques via close-up and slow-motion videos.

Head over to the Charles and Elin Academy and join the library after you’ve purchased your favourite design. It will serve as the ideal complement for all designs in the future too!

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