Falsterbo broderi (Hand embroidery pattern)


The “Falsterbo broderi” (Falsterbo embroidery) design is joyful and sweet summer dream. It is the perfect design to practise your threadpainting skills. For example the grass captures both the light and wind, which gives this needlework pattern enhanced life. The pattern fits perfect in a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop.

The “Falsterbo Broderi” hand embroidery pattern is a summer dream for Scandinavian fans. Falsterbo is an adorable summer resort in the South West of Sweden. One of the symbols for the village are the small beach houses that you see along the beach front. Broderi on the other hand, simply means embroidery in Swedish.

Nevertheless, it’s not just the idyllic scenery that made us want to create a memorable design of this Swedish pearl. It’s also the village where Elin grew up, which makes it a special place in our hearts. To best capture the atmosphere, the design is stitched with threadpainting technique. This means that the focus is on filling surfaces in a realistic fashion.

If you’re new to threadpainting, we’ve designed a full e-course on the this technique which you can find here. But in short, it’s closely related to painting philosophy. You will ask yourself questions such as: Where does the light and wind come from? On the Falsterbo broderi you can see how the grass is lighter in some areas than others, which gives the impression that there are smaller hills. Furthermore, the slight diagonal direction of the straight stitches indicates that there is a wind blowing from the left.

What is included with the Falsterbo broderi design?

Upon purchase you will receive downloadable pdf files with the pattern, stitch and colour guides. The design fits perfectly into a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop. No physical materials will be shipped with this purchase. Rather you will need to be able to open and read pdf files. We encourage to only print the page with the transferable design to limit both the ink of your printer and paper for the environment.

Lastly, for a better feeling of the atmosphere of the beach houses in Falsterbo you can see the second product image. It was taken a warm summer night when we were visiting Elin’s family.

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