Embroidery Pattern Manhattan New York

Embroidery Pattern Manhattan New York


Embroidery Pattern Manhattan New York is perfect for you who love architecture and graphical art. Furthermore, it is an inspiring challenge for creative who are on the look for new and modern embroidery designs. With the neat lines, you will easily be able to fit this embroidered art work into any setting at home or as a gift.


Embroidery Pattern Manhattan New York fits in a hoop of 20cm (6″) diameter hoop. It is the perfect design for you who love architecture and graphical art. Thanks to this design, you will become a master at stitching straight and neat lines with the backstitch technique. The backstitch is ideal for contour work as the stitches align perfectly after each other.

Furthermore, by reducing the number of strands to only one single strand, you immediately enhance the modern look. Simply by reducing the thickness of your thread, your embroidery work will look more advanced.

What is included in the embroidery pattern Manhattan New York ?

Upon purchase you will receive a technique, stitch and colour guide. No physical material will be shipped with this purchase. The files will be sent as downloadable pdfs, thus you need to be able to open, read and print pdf files.

After completing the design, you have several options for framing. Either you can use the hoop as a frame, or you stretch the fabric onto a frame for a more rigid “art work” feeling. On our stitched version, we have used an off-white thicker cotton fabric. Even though we recommend to still use a thicker cotton, you can easily change its colour. For example, if you use a complete white fabric, you will enhance the modern vibe and increase the contrasts to the black threads.

Are you ready to take on this embroidery design?

Perhaps you are new to the architectural embroidery style? As we haven’t seen many other embroidery artists work with this kind of designs, we’ve developed unique online Masterclasses that thoroughly teaches you the process. For this embroidery pattern, the course on “Architectural hand embroidery” could be your best option. Alternatively, if you feel you might just need some stitch directory, our free embroidery library is your perfect guide. In the free library you have access to close up videos of all the stitch techniques you might need.

Looking for more designs that are in the similar style as this embroidery pattern of Manhattan New York? Take a look at the embroidery designs overview and we can guarantee that you will find plenty of more.


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