Notre Dame Embroidery Design

Notre Dame Embroidery Design


This Notre Dame Embroidery Design is a must for all Paris lovers. The focus of the design is on the old tower that burnt, which makes this pattern incredibly precious. Give the tower eternal life through your stitches and turn it into a unique embroidered artwork!


The Notre Dame embroidery design is one of our most precious patterns. You may know that Charles is born and raised in the French Capital. Thus, when the old towers of the iconic church Notre Dame de Paris burnt, it was like a stab in the chest.

Hand embroidery became the immediate refuge to collect the thoughts and calm down. Along with the therapeutic effects of stitching, came a wonderful and unique embroidery design. As a result, this pattern is a salute to the glory of the oldest towers, which is emphasised by the perspective of the design.

The perspective is from behind the church, as this is where the tower is seen the best. Furthermore, there is wonderful greenery that lights up the scene during the spring and summer time. The green creates a graphically appealing contrast to the black contours. However, if you prefer a more clean look you can choose to not stitch the leaves, but rather focus on the church structures.

What is included with the Notre Dame Embroidery Design?

Firstly, you can expect to have a unique embroidered artwork at the end of the road. The fine back stitched contours capture both the historical silhouette and give a modern look. Furthermore, upon purchase of the design you will receive a downloadable pdf with stitch and color guides included. The design fits perfectly into a 20cm (6″) diameter hoop.

Even thought the embroidery pattern of Notre Dame looks advanced, the design is suitable for all stitch levels. By simply reducing the number of strands on your thread, you immediately create a more impressive result. If it’s the first time you embroider you might be interested to look into our free embroidery library to complement the printable stitch guide. In our library we offer close-up videos of all our most used techniques, which helps you to better master your stitching.

Do you want to browse more similar patterns? Have a look at the overview of our pattern selection here! We can guarantee you that you’ll find plenty of embroidery designs you’ll fall in love with!

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