Embroidered Street Scene of Rue Poulbot, Paris

Embroidered Street Scene of Rue Poulbot, Paris

Embroidered Street Scene of Rue Poulbot, Paris

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This embroidery pattern fits perfect in a 20cm (8″) diameter hoop (or larger). It is stitched in a fun mix of embroidery stitches, which allows you continuos enjoyment when embroidering all the elements. The most important to consider when embroidering this design is the different levels, where you will embroider the background first following by the mid-ground (the fence) and the fore-ground (the bicycle).


This embroidered street scene design is inspired from Rue Poulbot in Montmartre, Paris. There is something magical about street corners. It is as if different worlds meet, while telling unique stories.

For example, in this pattern what stands out the most is the bicycle. Every time that Charles and I walked this path, the bicycle was always parked in the same place. But who would want to use a bicycle i Montmartre? In case you haven’t been there, the artist mecca of Montmartre in Paris is characterised by steep hills and cobble stones. It is everything but convenient for a bicycle! However, that is exactly what makes this pattern so unique and charming in its oddness.

How to best stitch this embroidery design?

Even though this pattern consists of a fun mix of embroidery techniques, they are all basic and beginner friendly stitches. In case you are completely new you can look over this article , where we introduce you to the techniques you will need to know: straight stitch, split stitch, satin stitch, backstitch and french knot. We also have a free video stitch library where you can observe the techniques visually in close-up slow-motion tutorials.

Three levels of depth

1) Apart from various embroidery techniques, what makes this embroidered street scene particularly exciting is the depth. In other words, you should embroider the pattern in three different steps. Begin with the background, which consists of the houses on the other side of the road.

A rule of thumb is always to imagine “what comes first” when you decide on the order of your stitches. Because it is always easier to add layers and details on top of already stitches surfaces, than it is to add details that should have gone underneath an element that is already embroidered…

2) If the houses are seen as the background, the street that continues down is the mid-ground space. More concretely, it creates a sense of distance between the houses and the pavement, fence and bicycle that continues on the road upwards. Thus, after the elements in the back are stitch, you will automatically create this mid-ground space as soon as you begin to stitch the contours of the pavement and the fence. It is important that you embroider the fence before the bicycle. The reason is the same rule of thumb that was mentioned above. It will enhance the realism of the design if you can see details of the fence shine through behind for example the wheels of the bicycle than if there was nothing.

3) Last but not least, embroider the bicycle and any smaller details left such as some smaller florals and greenery.

What is included with the embroidered street scene pattern?

Upon purchase you will immediately access two downloadable pdf documents of the pattern and a general technique guide. On the pattern it’s indicated the techniques, thread thickness and colours used in each respective area. If you’re ever unsure of a technique, you can always refer to the general technique guide for support of how to embroider it.

Furthermore, you can always reach out to us at elin@charlesandelin.com if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to assist you on your embroidery journey! If you’d like your work featured on the website, don’t hesitate to email us your final picture, or tag us on Instagram @petronella.art and @_charleshenry_ with the #charlesandelin

Happy stitching!


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