Embroider on black, Parisian Courtyard pattern

Embroider on black, Parisian Courtyard pattern


The Parisian Courtyard design is the perfect pattern to practise how to embroider on black backgrounds. The stitch techniques remain the same, but the colour choices are what makes the difference.

The design fits perfectly in an 18cm (7″) diameter hoop.


To embroider on black can feel very intimidating. Therefore, we’ve created a special hand embroidery design that tackles any preconceived ideas on how to embroider on a dark background. The scenery is inspired from a Parisian courtyard with a typical veranda vibe. Even though Paris is a big capital, there are numerous hidden treasures with flowering courtyards.

The pattern is designed to bring you the romantic feeling of greenery in a city environment. Imagine an evening on the courtyard terrace with some cosy lights and refreshing plants…

How to embroider this design?

The design concentrates on back stitch, satin stitch and straight stitch. Straight stitches are perfect for you to interpret and express freely. But a tips regarding the greenery is to think about how leaves grow and move in real life. This will help you to know which direction to make your stitches. Lastly, the french knot allows you to add some final texture and mini florals.

For the contours we’ve used single stranded back stitches. To create a strong contrast to the black background, the contours are embroidered with white thread. To capture a fine and luxurious feeling we never exceed 2 strands. The longer vertical sections are embroidered with aligned backstitched and the shorter more condense areas in satin stitch. Thus, you can see that the final result is more impressionist and the importance isn’t to cover the surface completely, but rather to build on the atmosphere.

If you’d like to have even more insights to give you the confidence to try this pattern (which we know you can!), we’ve written an article about it here.

What is included upon purchase?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern with an accompanying colour guide, stitch guide and general technique guide as downloadable pdf:s. In case you’re a more visual person, we recommend to also join our free video stitch library, where you can see the general technique guide in slow-motion videos instead.

Look forward to see your process with the #charlesandelin

Happy stitching!


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