Eiffel Tower Embroidery Pattern

Eiffel Tower Embroidery Pattern


This embroidery design of the Eiffel Tower in Paris fits perfectly into an 18cm (7″) embroidery hoop. It’s the perfect blend of neat and modern contour work and challenging threadpainting techniques. The match enables you to concentrate on the parts that you find the most joyful. Have a lot of time to stitch? Then you can experiment and go wild with the background. However, if you look for a more classic design, you can stick with only the contours and you will still have an original hand embroidered artwork.

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This Eiffel Tower embroidery design is a pure joy to for every stitcher. Embroidery the contours first as it will allow you to have a better overview. Depending on your preference (and time availability), you can choose to leave the design with only the contours. The line work is explicit enough for anyone to recognise the magnificent structures of the Eiffel tower.

However, if you have more time to dedicate to your embroidery passion and you feel eager to experiment, then the background is all yours! Along with the pattern you will receive a stitch and colour guide relevant for the sunset sky that you see on the image. Nevertheless, we always encourage you to embroider the sky that you feel he most inspired by.

Perhaps you have a secret love for early mornings, bright sunshine or late night scenes. In fact, you could even embroider this exact Eiffel Tower Embroidery design on a black fabric with white contours. This would in turn enhance a night scene effect of the same embroidery design.

Which techniques do I need to know for this Eiffel tower embroidery pattern?

Even though this hand embroidery pattern may look intimidating with a lot of detail. We know that you can stitch it regardless of your previous experience with stitchery. However, if you ever feel hesitant, we have a full article guide on all the embroidery stitches (only 7 actually) that you will ever need to embroider our designs. In case you look for even more in depth information, we also have a free video stitch library that you can access at any time.

In short, this embroidery pattern is stitched with backstitch for the contours and long and short stitches for the sky. Alternatively, you can choose to use the aligned split stitch technique for the sky if you think that is easier. The most important with modern hand embroidery is that you feel comfortable with the embroidery stitches that you choose to work with. It should be fun and encouraging to embroidery, not a daunting task!

As aformentioned, you will receive a stitch and colour guide upon purchase. Hence, you need to be able to download and read pdf files on your computer.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We would also love to see your progress with the #charlesandelin. If you use the hashtag it will make it easier for us and the community to see your post and share it with the greater community.


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