Copenhagen embroidery design (pdf pattern)


This Copenhagen embroidery pattern is perfect for lovers of colour. You will be happy every time you pick it up for stitching purely by the joyful colour combinations. These buildings are part of the iconic and historical houses in the Nyhavn area in the centre of Copenhagen. It’s a must visit on your next travel to the Danish capital!

The Copenhagen embroidery design is perfect for you who love strong colours. The design is inspired by the Nyhavn area in the centre of the city, which is known for its historial and colourful buildings. They all rise closely to each other, with a view over the boats in the harbour just across. Furthermore, below the houses you have a picturesque street filled with cosy cafés and restaurants. Perhaps you’ll sit here on your next travel to Copenhagen eating a traditional Danish dish?!

The perspective of the design aims to make you feel like you are looking up at the buildings. It’s the unique angles that make up interesting and inspiring patterns. Furthermore, it helps you to practise the direction of your stitches. In other words, how the direction of your stitches has an impact on the perception of your final embroidery. Look closely and you’ll see that the walls of the buildings are stitched vertically. This emphasises the height of the buildings, as opposed to if they’d been stitched horizontally.

Hence, this approach to embroidery makes it closely related to painting philosophy. Therefore, the Copenhagen embroidery design is considered a threadpainting motive. In addition to the direction of stitches, threadpainting also involves decisions of colours and techniques. We recommend to use the split and satin stitches for smooth surfaces. You can find video tutorials of all the stitches you need to know to successfully complete the pattern in our free embroidery library.

What is included in this Copenhagen embroidery design?

You will receive the pattern as a downloadable pdf including stitch and colour guides. Hence you need to be able to open and read pdf files on your computer. The pattern fits perfectly in a 15cm (6″) diameter embroidery hoop.

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Happy stitching!

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