City Hall of Paris, modern embroidery

City Hall of Paris, modern embroidery

City Hall of Paris, modern embroidery


The City Hall of Paris design fits perfect in a 20cm (8″) diameter hoop. It’s considered as an advanced pattern for its elaborate line-work. However, we know that anyone will be able to stitch it, if you just take the time to observe the perspective and direction of the lines. As a result of the modern monochrome style, you only need to use the backstitch technique for neat line-work. Thus we highly encourage you to try it out!


The City Hall of Paris is a majestic building in the 4th arrondissement of the French Capital. It rises on a square with the same name and which has been the home for Paris municipality since 1357. However, the building we can see today is not the original City Hall. Though it can still be admitted as rather old as for example the South wing was constructed in 1535-1551.

The City Hall of Paris as a Modern embroidery pattern

Enough about history for now and more about the unique hand embroidery pattern that you have in front of you. Even though we only used moderations of one stitch technique, we refer to this as an advanced design. The reason is the high level of graphical line-work, NOT that we don’t think you can stitch it even as a beginner of embroidery!

The key behind Architectural hand embroidery designs is to closely observe the perspective and direction of each line. Because a slight shift in the angle of a line, can completely alter the perspective. Thus this pattern boils down to two main things:

  1. Master the backstitch technique for neat lines
  2. Repeat the lines as seen on the design to capture the modern graphical look of the ancient City Hall.

How to transfer onto black fabric?

Firstly, the pattern is hand-drawn by Charles, which is why it has more of a sketch-like impression. Feel free to use a ruler when you transfer the pattern as it will facilitate the embroidered line-work later on.

We used a white carbon paper for the transfer onto black cotton canvas. However, you can just as well stitch this design with black (or any colour) onto a white fabric. The process of white carbon paper is exactly the same as that of black carbon paper.

We have put together a tutorial about how to use the Carbon paper method which you can see here:

How to embroider on black?

Just as transferring onto black is the same as transferring onto white fabric, so is stitching the same! We have put together a longer article about it in case you wish to check that out before getting started on your City Hall design.

What is included with my purchase?

As with all our unique patterns, you will receive the pattern, stitch guide and a general technique guide as downloadable pdfs as soon as the payment has come through. You will be redirected to another window where you can download them immediately, alternatively you can always find your patterns on your account here on

If you ever have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or

Happy stitching!

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