Bordeaux broderie pattern (hand embroidery)


The Bordeaux broderie (embroidery) pattern, is a great combination of backstitched contours and filled surfaces for the blue doors. Street scenes like for this design, are especially meditative as they invite to imaginative thoughts. With each stitch your imagination can wander off regarding who live behind the doors, when were they built and whether you’d like to live there yourself… There are no limits to your creativity!

The Bordeaux broderie (embroidery in French) pattern is a lovely street scene from the French city. It’s slightly larger than most of our other patterns, but makes it a fun challenge. The design fits perfectly in a 20cm (8″) diameter embroidery hoop. You can choose to leave it in the hoop for framing, or stretch the final embroidery onto a canvas frame.

This hand embroidery design is a typical example of what we love with embroidery. Namely, the ability to recreate street sketches in a touchable medium. The design was first born on the streets of Bordeaux, when we went there for a trip. Elin saw the two blue doors and was instantly hooked. Who live behind those doors? Furthermore, one can’t help but draw associations to the blue door in Notting Hill… Perhaps there was another charming gentleman like Hugh Grant living behind this blue door too?

With each stitch, you can let your thoughts wander off in the most mystical directions. The process of stitching becomes like a meditative movement, with the bonus of having a unique embroidered artwork at the end of the road. The composition is a fun start for beginners to the embroidery medium. It allows you to practise both straight lines with the backstitch technique, as well as some threadpainting stitches for the blue doors. The doors are stitched with a combination of satin stitch and split stitch. Furthermore, you will also get to experiment with some french knots for the door knob and the mini florals. If these stitch names are all new to you, don’t worry! We’ve designed a free embroidery library, where you’re able to learn all the techniques you need to successfully complete all our patterns.

What is included in the Bordeaux broderie design?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern along with a stitch and colour guide as downloadable pdf files. Hence, you need to be able to open and read pdf documents on your computer. No physical item will be shipped with this purchase. However, you’re always able to reach out to us with questions about the process at We always do our best to answer as soon as we can.

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