Bordar Barcelona Architecture (hand embroidery pattern)

Bordar Barcelona Architecture (hand embroidery pattern)


The bordar Barcelona embroidery pattern fits in a hoop of 23cm (9″) in diameter. This design is inspired by the gorgeous architecture of Hospital Sant Pau, which is located in Barcelona. The design contains the structures of the building, whereas the background is your chance to experiment with your embroidery style.


Bordar Barcelona (embroider Barcelona), is a unique hand embroidery design that captures gorgeous architectural details. The pattern is inspired by the beautiful architecture of the entrance of Hospital of the Holy Cross in Sant Pau. The hospital covers a whole 9 blocks and was first built 1901-1930 as a result of the urgent need for a modern hospital in the Capital.

The previous Holy cross hospital date back to the 15th century. However, apart from being old, it was detrimentally caught in a fire at the end of the 1880’s. Thus, the need for a reconstruction went from needed to necessary. Hence, a modernist  architect by the name Lluis Domènech was given the job.

Domènech was a strong believer in the need for nature, which is why he designed the new buildings as a garden city. Instead of the traditional long dark corridors, the buildings are connected with green outdoor passages. This was considered to be very modern and progressive thinking at the time of the design.

Apart from Domènech’s belief in nature for healing, he also supported the need for arts and culture. Therefore, a number of sculptors and artists contributed to the construction of the beautiful health facilities.

What is included in the “Bordar Barcelona” embroidery pattern?

Upon purchase, you will receive the pattern, stitch and colour guides as downloadable pdf files. Hence, you need to be able to save and read pdf files on your computer. The pattern fits perfectly into a 23cm (9″) diameter embroidery hoop. Thus, it’s a relatively large pattern, which makes it a fun challenge.

The focus of the design are the fine contours of the entrance of the Hospital. The contours are stitched with single-stranded backstitches, which enables you to create fine and neat lines. By reducing the length of the stitches you’re also able to create smooth rounded shapes.

You are able to leave the design as a graphical piece. Alternatively, get creative by stitching a colourful background. In the image you can see the process of a Van Gogh inspired sky. We highly encourage you to bring out the colours you love and let your mind and stitches flow freely for the background. In case you’d need some reminders of useful stitch techniques, you can sign up for our free embroidery library to complement the stitch guide. The library consists of video tutorials that shows you all the techniques you need to know to  begin to experiment with your embroidery style.

To start exploring with the background of your patterns, is a perfect way to begin to stretch your stitch-wings.



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