Beginner hand embroidery design (pdf pattern)

Beginner hand embroidery design (pdf pattern)


The Parisian window is the perfect beginner hand embroidery design for you who wish to learn how to embroider. It lets you practise on the most useful stitch techniques and get ready to take on any embroidery challenge. The design is conveniently sized to fit a 15cm (6″) diameter embroidery hoop, which makes it very manageable as one of your first patterns.

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The Parisian window is the perfect beginner hand embroidery pattern. It will introduce you to some of the most useful stitch techniques, such as backstitch, split stitch, French knot and satin stitch. If just the names made you feel overwhelmed, don’t go yet! We’ve designed a free embroidery library with you in mind. Thus, we highly encourage you to check it out for video tutorials of all the techniques outlined above.

With closeup videos of the techniques by your side, you’ll feel more ready to take on your first pattern. This design of Parisian Window was one of our first patterns. It has been stitches by almost all our students at our Paris workshops and we haven’t had a single one who wasn’t successful with it. Thus, we can confidently say that you will be too!

We chose to name it Parisian window as we lived in Paris at the time of its creation. Furthermore, the rather detailed balcony felt like a good representation of the French balcony style. Additionally, it’s also the perfect style to begin to master rounded corners. To best capture small rounded shapes, we recommend to do short backstitches. You’re able to see exactly how in a video in the embroidery library.

What is included in this beginner hand embroidery pattern?

Upon purchase you will receive the pattern, stitch and colour guides as downloadable pdfs. Thus, you need to be able to open and read pdf files on your computer. There is no physical material shipped with this purchase. However, if you have any questions at any point of the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We always do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope this design makes you feel inspired and motivated to get started stitching! We’re absolutely thrilled to see you here as it means you’re ready to take on a creative challenge. Embroidery has absolutely exploded in popularity in the last couple of years, and we understand why! It’s not only beautiful, but the process is incredibly meditative and healing. As the saying goes: it’s not the end goal that matters, but rather the journey to get there! Even though the pattern design plays a great role in your inspiration to get started, it’s the process that will make you fall in love with the craft.

If you’re on the look for more inspiring embroidery patterns, we’ve got you covered! Have a look at the overview of our selection here.


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