Barcelona embroidery design (hand embroidery pattern)


This is the unique version of the Barcelona embroidery pattern. You can either explore it on your own or through our online Masterclass on threadpainting, which includes this exact pattern. Hand embroidery should be fun and on your terms, which is why we’ve created two options for this design!

Have you been to Barcelona? Then you will love this Barcelona embroidery design! Every time we see it it brings back all of the feels from our last trip there. You can find this yellow building at the historical Placa Reial close by “La Rambla”. We arrived at the square our first night in the Spanish capital. The bars and restaurant were loud of life, and the air still warm. In other words, we simply had to capture the mood in an embroidered art work.

The Barcelona embroidery design got so popular that we turned the pattern into a complete online Masterclass. The full course walks you through the whole process from start to finish. All while thoroughly explaining the “why” behind the “how”. In this way you are able to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding for the threadpainting technique.

Threadpainting is the modern term of a hand embroidery technique where you quite literally aim to paint with thread. Think of how you’d paint the scene and you will have an indication for how you’d stitch it.

However, if you’re a fellow stitcher and would like to give the design a try without the full course, you’re in the right place! Here on Le Kadre we sell all our patterns uniquely, for your convenience. To create should be fun and accessible to your desires.

What is included if I purchase the Barcelona embroidery design as a unique pattern?

Along with all our unique patterns you get a downloadable stitch and colour guide. Hence, you need to be able to download and read pdf files on your computer. We recommend to only print out the page of the transferable design. This doesn’t only save the ink on your printer, but also papers for the environment. The design fits perfectly in a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop.

Happy stitching!

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