Backstitch pattern “Musical Kiosk” (hand embroidery)

Backstitch pattern “Musical Kiosk” (hand embroidery)


This design is inspired by a charming old kiosk in Arcachon, France. It’s the perfect backstitch pattern for everyone who wants to master neat lines. The graphical design gives a modern impression as it is. But it can also serve as an inspiring base for you to be creative an imaginative background. Let’s get stitching!


This hand embroidery design is the perfect backstitch pattern for you who look to improve your line work. Backstitch is the ideal needlework technique for graphical lines. The reason is that each stitch align neatly after each other, without overlapping or leaving a space in between. Hence, your lines will be straight and neat if you follow the “go back” principle.

What do I mean by “go back principle?”. The term to go back, will become your only focus when you embroider this backstitch pattern. Just as the name reveals, you will always go back to the previous hole. In other words, you will go back to where your current stitch started. If you have a hard time to visualise it, we have created a free online stitch library, where you’re able to learn all the techniques you need through video tutorials.

Another tip for neat lines, which will also improve the final result of your embroidery, is to stitch shorter stitches. With multiple shorter stitches after each other, instead of one long one, you are able to be in full control of your work. It may be tempting to just do one long line, but the effort of stitching multiple smaller stitches will pay off. The result simply becomes more delicate and precise.

Additionally, this pattern is stitched with only a single-stranded thread. Hence, when you have a thinner thread it’s even more important to have control of where it goes.

What is included in this Musical Kiosk backstitch pattern?

As with all our designs, you will receive the pattern, stitch and colour guide as downloadable pdf documents. Thus, you need to be able to open and read pdfs on your computer. The pattern fits perfectly into a 15cm (6″) diameter hoop. The design is focused on the graphics of the original Kiosk, which you find in Arcachon, France. However, we encourage you to experiment with the background to personalise your final embroidery. For example, Charles stitched some lovely flowers around the kiosk to create a colour contrast to the black graphics. You can see his work here for some inspiration on how you’re able to modify yours as well.

Can’t wait to see how you stitch this pattern! If you use the #charlesandelin to share your progress on Instagram, we will happily share it in our stories.

Happy stitching!


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