Arcachon Hand Embroidery Design

Arcachon Hand Embroidery Design


This Arcachon hand embroidery design, is inspired by the Atlantic town 55km south of Bordeaux, France. It captures an idyllic street scene and the typical Arcachonnaise Villa in the forefront.

The pattern fits in a 18cm (7″) diameter hoop, and is a unique mix of modern hand embroidery and threadpainting techniques.


The Arcachon hand embroidery design captures one of the charming streets in the French town. Arcachon is located about 55km south west of Bordeaux and is a popular summer destination. It’s a relatively new town, as it wasn’t declared an autonomous municipality until 1857 by Napoleon III. Coincidentally, it was the same year that the railway extension from Bordeaux to Arcachon was finished, which opened for rapid growth.

We had the chance to reside in Arcachon during the spring of 2016. At the time we lived just around the corner of the street that you see captured in the design. It gracefully turns in a way that makes you curious to know what is at the end of the road. This, as well as the typical Arcachonnaise Villa at the top of the road, was was caught our eye.

The Arcachonnaise (the local name for an Arcachon Villa), was inspired by Victorian Architecture. It’s the style that you can see on many of the old houses in the area, included the one that you see in the forefront of this design. Even though the style was criticised for generations, we absolutely love it! You can see the original road on the second product image.

In addition to the Arcachonnaise Villas, the town also has a great deal of Basque influence from the South, which is reflected in many other houses. Lastly, the town is located just next by Europe’s largest natural sand dune called “Dune du Pyla”. Hence, if this design didn’t manage to capture your curiosity for the town enough, the Dune is definitely a trigger. It’s absolutely breath taking and you should put it on your “to-go” list immediately!

What is included with the Arcachon hand embroidery design?

This pattern fits perfectly in a 18cm (7″) diameter hoop. Along with the transferable pattern, you also receive stitch and colour guides as downloadable pdf files. Hence, you will need to be able to open and read pdf documents on your computer.

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