Amsterdam embroidery design


The Amsterdam embroidery pattern fits perfectly in a 15cm (6″) embroidery hoop. It’s perfect for you who love a fun mix of stitch techniques! As the ideal bonus, this design will also make you dream of beautiful summer days in the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam embroidery design gives you a joyful mix of stitches. Furthermore, it is a fun pattern to practise the background, middle-ground and fore-ground perspective. For this particular design, the silhouette of Amsterdam makes up the background. Thereafter, the adorable channels that runs through the city takes up the space in the middle and creates a distance to the foreground.

You might have guessed by now that the bridge and the authentic bicycle makes up a strong foreground. When you’re faced with illustrations and embroidery designs with this perspective, we always recommend to begin with the contours. To stitch the contours first will help you to get a better overview of the different levels. For this design the contours are stitched with single-stranded black thread using the backstitch technique.

The backstitch technique is perfect for neat and straight lines. In addition, they help you capture the smaller details such as the tiny windows on the buildings in the background. In case you’re not too familiar or used to the backstitch technique, we urge you to also grab one of our favourite backstitch patterns. As with everything, the best way to improve is by practise! One stitch at the time and you will find yourself a backstitch professional.

After the contours are sewn, you get to stitch the bicycle on top (or in front) of the bridge fence. You do this with satin stitches and split stitches. Last but definitely not least are the charming miniature floral embroidery knots. By simply reducing the number of strands for your French knots, they become the cutest flowers.

What is included in the Amsterdam Embroidery Pattern?

You may have felt slightly overwhelmed by all the stitches mentioned above – don’t! Upon purchase you will receive the pattern including stitch and colour guide, a general technique guide as well as a detailed description document as downloadable pdfs. Thus you will know exactly where to embroider which technique and in which colour. However, as with all our patterns, we always encourage you to choose the colours of your preference. Thus, if you’d rather like to ride a blue bike then stitch it with blue threads! The only limitation is your imagination.

For further support we also have a video library of all the stitch techniques that you need to know to successfully hand stitch this Amsterdam embroidery design. The library is all free, so be sure to sign up via Charles and Elin Academy before you begin stitching!

We’d love to see the progress of your stitchery, thus be sure to use the #charlesandelin if you choose to share your progress on Instagram. We’ll gladly share it with the community in our stories as well!

Happy stitching!

Work by other stitchers in the community:

work by student of Charles and Elin
stitched by @catinmycloset
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