Advanced Embroidery Pattern of Paris Architecture

Advanced Embroidery Pattern of Paris Architecture


This advanced embroidery design is inspired from the majestic architecture on Avenue Daumsnil in Paris. It is a pure joy to stitch and incredibly satisfying to see the backstitched contours grow.


Complete the look

This advanced embroidery pattern of Daumesnil, Paris is a pure joy to stitch! With neat and straight lines, the design gives a highly modern look. Even though the design looks impressive, there are merely a couple of different stitch techniques. The primary focus is on the backstitch. By reducing the number of strands to only a single stranded thread, your embroidery work will immediately achieve a more advanced look.

Furthermore, the high level of detail is what makes this pattern a more advanced embroidery design. We highly recommend to NOT transfer every single line, because it can easily get confusing on the fabric. Instead, we urge you to transfer the main lines and keep the design on the side for visual reference. This will also encourage you to dare to feel more free in your stitchery and trust your needlework skills. Additionally, you might find it useful to have a ruler at hand to ensure that the lines don’t blend together. Sometimes when transferring detailed designs, it can be tricky to keep a steady hand for the smaller details.

Along with neat backstitches, the design also contains numerous small straight stitches. For example, to capture the effect of highly detailed Parisian balconies, you can effectively overlap straight stitches randomly. If you’re unsure of what is meant by this, you will be able to have a look in the accompanying stitch-guide, where we have a special section for Parisian balconies.

What is included in this advanced embroidery pattern of Daumesnil?

Upon purchase you will receive an instantly downloadable pdf file with your pattern as well as a separate stitch guide (also pdf). Hence, you need to be able to download and read pdf files on your computer.

You can always reach out to us at if you have any questions throughout the process. Furthermore, we recommend to join our free embroidery library, which has close-up videos of all the stitch techniques.

On the look for more inspiring architectural embroidery designs? We’ve got you covered here on Le Kadre! Be sure to have a look at the overview of our pattern selection and begin to stitch today.



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