Aachen Germany 7″ Easy Level


This pattern is perfect for beginners of embroidery on the look for a fun and unique design. The pattern fits perfectly into a hoop of 15cm (6″) or larger. To support you in your process, we have also produced two process videos that you can watch below.

This embroidery pattern is inspired from the city of Aachen in Germany. It’s the perfect pattern for both beginners and you who wish for a more creative project. You can choose to stitch only the contours, which would result in a more graphical architectural design. Or, you can add the creative colourful sky, which you can see in the second video below.

The sky is really an ideal space to add your own creative touch. Naturally, you will receive the colour suggestions that we used for our version, but we want to encourage you to take left-over threads or your own favourite colours. Furthermore, the sky addition may look very advanced, but in reality it’s only one single technique: the straight stitch.

We recommend you to have a look at the two process videos before you begin your stitching. This will give you better insight into the full process ahead of time, which will also bring more confidence in your embroidery work.

What is included in the Aachen embroidery pattern?

You will have access to the pattern as a downloadable pdf immediately upon purchase.

In addition to the design, you will also receive a stitch and colour guide as well as a general technique guide. The general technique guide shows you all the techniques in a clear step by step fashion with both text and images. If you look for even more enhanced support, we also recommend you to have a look at our free video stitch library.

Happy stitching!

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