“Just do it”: How a proactive mindset can change the game

“Just do it”: How a proactive mindset can change the game

“Just do it” said Davinder Madaher when talking about his work in our interview with him for this week’s podcast episode. He is right. It reminded me of my proactive mindset when I decided to move to South Africa three weeks after my high school graduation. I was working for the HIV-preventive NGO Star for Life  already at high school, where I used to encourage my peers to “just do it”. “Go for your dreams”. But how could I stand there motivating other people to go for their dreams if I didn’t do it myself?

I dreamt to be someone who could say “I know because I’ve been there” and not “I know because I read it”. But to be someone who knows because you’ve been there implies a responsibility. It means that you have to be proactive and live with a purpose to at least always try. Unfortunately it’s as easy said as done, to fall out of this proactivity. The dream might still be there, but you stop acting on it. “I will do it later”.

There will never be a perfect timing to do anything. It is just a matter of taking a decision of when that perfect timing is. Far before I dreamt of knowing things based off experience, and before I dreamt of becoming an artists, I wanted to be an author. I think that if you’ve had a dream once, a REAL dream, it never really fades away. Thus since an early age I had that feeling that there was something I just had to write. I wanted to write a book.

Where is writing? 

I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. But then I stopped. Life happened. I started high school, went off to South Africa to start doing things, moved to Paris and later began working with embroidery. However, what was and still is missing is that book. Until about now…

Ever since I met Charles and told him about my aspirations, he has been pushing me to do it. “Elin just do it”. I don’t know why it took him two years of pushing me, for me to finally take a proactive step. A few days ago I launched my patreon page where I will be posting excerpts from the book, as well as share lessons learned on a weekly basis. It doesn’t sound like much when writing it. But in my mind IT’S HUGE.

No more hiding – upgrade to a proactive mindset

From one second to another I suddenly can’t hide behind any excuses anymore. I can’t say “I will do it later”, or “It’s not the right time”. It’s both exciting and scary in the same time. Paradoxical but true. The most surprising is actually that it was harder to “go public” to my old friends and family, than to people whom I don’t really know. I think it’s a hidden reality of fear of being judged.

Isn’t it crazy how much that fear of judgment can block you? It might even be THE biggest blocker of them all. I therefore urge each and everyone of you to try to get out of your hiding spot. Upgrade to a proactive mindset and get going. At the end of the day, it’s only you who will regret what you didn’t do – not anyone in your surrounding.

Why patreon? 

I decided to launch a patreon page, because it is a phenomenal way to share the process of a continuous project. You might wonder why not sharing it for free on the blog. It’s certainly a valid question and I’ve been slightly self-conscious about the reception of my choice. Truth is, I wanted to add an element of more serious commitment on both ends.

As soon as money is involved, even if it’s a question of $1, it means another level of commitment and recognition from the person who made the donation. It creates a slightly deeper community of members that believe in the same cause. We share a foundation that what is being created and shared is important. I have a deep respect for this kind of exchange and love to be a part and support other creators whenever I have the ability to. Because I know the difference it can make in that person’s creative endeavours to enrich the world .

To hear more in depth about my writing project and the charlesandelin.com platform at large, please check the video below or head over to my Patreon page

Thanks a million for your support! <3


Elin is a 23 year-old Swedish girl who is passionate about creation in various forms. She spends her days best doing embroidery, illustration, writing or having long walks with Charles of course ;)

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