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Spend a joyful and relaxing time embroidering the Paris pattern bundle, which gives you 5 unique architectural art embroideries at the end of the process


The Paris pattern bundle includes 5 innovative designs of Paris, which not only gives you stunning artworks for your home (or to gift to a friend).

It also invites for high class armchair travelling to the city of love: Paris. 

Imagine with each stitch where you would go. Perhaps pass by the bakery under the Parisian window pattern to buy a buttery croissant.

Parisian Window Close Up

Or sit by the fountain depicted in the Place des Vosges pattern and drink a glass of French wine on a warm summer night.

Place des Vosges closeup

Why not pass by Hôtel de Ville on your way to visit the Notre Dame de Paris?

Or dream about the French artist lover you’ll meet in Montmartre as you park your pink bicycle on Rue Poulbot…. 

Embroidered street scene in Paris by Elin Petronella art

There are no limits to what you get to experience when you stitch these patterns other than your own imagination!

If you’ve never been to Paris you can dream of all the things you will do when you get the chance to go.

And if you’ve been to the French capital you can remember the joyous moments as you stitch away in the comforts of your sofa. 

Which patterns are included?

  1. Parisian Window ($9,99)
  2. Notre Dame ($12,99)
  3. Rue Poulbot ($12,99)
  4. Hotel de Ville ($13,99)
  5. Place des Vosges ($12,99)

Total value of $62,95

For only $29 (MORE THAN 50% discount!) you get FIVE different embroidery patterns with varying difficulty and style

All patterns include stitch and colour guides + a general technique guide for additional support on how to stitch the different techniques

The Parisian Window pattern is a favourite for curious beginners.

It looks advanced and luxurious, and is stitched with only basic and easily achieved stitches, which feels creatively encouraging for any beginner of embroidery.

You can watch the process video below to get an even better idea of what it is like to embroider this design.

The process video also helps you to successfully complete the design regardless of your previous embroidery experience. 

The Place des Vosges pattern, also has a full process video to go along the design.

All to get you into the flow of stitching.

It is essential that you have as much support on your journey as possible.

Because just as much as indecisiveness is a creativity killer, so is inaccessibility to supportive information. 

Save time and avoid creative frustration due to indecisiveness or a lack of inspiring projects 

Has this happened to you…

You finish a project and then hit a wall of indecisiveness because you have a million projects you want to do next but don’t know where to start? 


You don’t have any next project and hit the same roadblock because suddenly you have to use your precious creativity time to look for something new to make (and then make a choice of which one!) 

There’s nothing as uninspiring as indecisiveness, because it almost always leads to inactivity which eventually transforms into procrastination. 

As a result you stop to create instead of continuing in your good flow.

With these beautiful patterns you avoid the creative break that leads to procrastination, because when you finish your first embroidery you still have four more beautiful designs to go! 

Save money on patterns so that you have more over for materials

Our designs are here to inspire you to create more, not to feel limited by finances. 

To create should be fun and easily available, which is why we’ve put together this special Paris Pattern Bundle for only $29 (that makes you save $33,65, which is more than 50% discount compared to buying the patterns uniquely!)

This is the first time we offer such a good deal on these patterns, because we want you to feel encouraged to pick up the needle and thread and get creative.

It is easy to loose your steam when you don’t have beautiful patterns to work on or when there are simply too many other things going on around you. 

That’s exactly when these pattern are perfect for you to feel better and more creative again.

Because to embroider is a creative form of meditation and relaxation. 

In fact studies show that only 20 minutes of creating with your hands decreases blood pressure, which allows your body to relax both physically and mentally. 

Embroidery is a feel-good activity that invites for both conversation and relaxation at the same time

You can stitch and talk to a friend simultaneously – perhaps even stitch together in person or over a zoom call! 

Alternatively you put on your favourite podcast show or music in the background to get into the mood you desire.

Pour a glass of your favourite drink and push up your cushions; it’s embroidery time. 

Be creative at any time any where

You can bring your embroidery in progress wherever you go.

All the patterns are small enough to fit into a tote bag. 

To keep the threads and fabric clean and organised while on the go, we often use computer covers as a convenient sized embroidery bag that fits into the tote. 

Furthermore it avoids you the risk to get the needle or scissor peaking out from the tote fabric.

New to embroidery and impatient for stunning results?

With these designs you can proudly show your new embroidery achievements to your friends and family.

We guarantee that you will spend a joyful time and your creative friends will be stunned with your new skills. 

If it is the first time you stitch this kind of patterns, you will most likely impress yourself too!

The patterns all look highly advanced, even though they’re all stitched with only basic embroidery techniques.

Because we believe that it is not the amount of techniques that makes a design more or less attractive.

So, don’t feel limited by the advanced label.

We are certain that you can successfully embroider any of the patterns regardless of your experience. 

To provide additional support for beginners, the bundle also includes a general technique guide that shows you step by step images and instructions for the various techniques indicated in the stitch guide.

When you buy the patterns you will also be invited to our resource library where you can see closeup slow motion videos of all the techniques used.

Plus access other free bonuses to enable you to continue on your embroidery exploration journey.

And last but not least you will also receive an invitation to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your progress with other stitchers of Charles and Elin patterns from all over the world!

What to expect of the Paris Pattern Bundle? 

● A great collection of stitcheries to be proud of at the end

● Feel more creatively fulfilled

● Feel more relaxed and less creatively frustrated

● Enhanced embroidery skills on a new type of designs

● Impress yourself and your friends with stunning results

There’s just one catch... the more you stitch the greater the risk that you get hooked and become a real embroiderer

Perhaps so hooked that you end up becoming a professional embroiderer!

With these five patterns you get a solid basket of projects to boost your embroidery skills.

As you stitch along and share your journey with your friends they may soon ask you to embroider commissions for them.

In fact this is how it all started for Elin.

She embroidered much of her early work between classes as University.

Other students commissioned her to embroider on their jackets and soon she was fully booked…

One thing led to the other and she is now a full time embroidery artist! 

Don’t forget that you can always reach out and ask us questions throughout the process.

Happy stitching!

Charles and Elin

Charles and Elin Embroidery Artists Couple
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